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ID: 6939
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    Basic information
    Purchase price: Min. 10.000.000 €
    Property types: (Retail) Suburban retail center, (Retail) Suburban retail center / <8yrs rem. rent length, (Nursing homes) Nursing home, (Nursing homes) APH + Betreutes Wohnen, (Nursing homes) Supported senior living
    Entry dates: Debt or NPL for an existing building, Debt or NPL for a building to be revitalized, Debt or NPL for a development
    Risk class (expected purchase price factor) Fire sale (very high risk, ~25% return on equity, yields of ~20% ±5%), Project development (high risk, ~20% return on equity, yields of ~11% ±2%), Opportunity (higher risk, yields of ~9% ±1,3%), Value add (medium risk, yields of ~8% ±1,3%), Core Plus (little risk, yields of ~6% ±1,4%), Core (very small risk, yields of ~5% ±1,4%)
    More information
    Remaining lease terms or remaining term of anchor tenant contract: at least 0 years